Truly, Madly, Deeply.
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Hello :) I was wondering if you could maybe watch my new trailer? :) Here is the link:

If you like it and you’re interested in the story, please also do read the story:

Thank you! It would really mean a lot ‘cause your one of my fave blogs! :D (And I’m not joking!) I love the outfits you make :) ILYSM :*

everyone:how long have you been single!?!

A Zayn One Shot Told In His Point Of View

The door slammed shut behind me, I didnt care if it closed or not, she wouldnt be here to make sure it was closed behind me. Tears leaked from my ears, i threw my jacket onto the back of the couch trying to hold in the tears that came to me every night ever since your disapearence. My fists were clenched by my sides, i glanced in the mirror and saw me.

I didnt look like myself anymore, I wasnt myself anymore. A piece of me was missing, you were the missing piece. I started to cry, the loniless and the pain of not having you here to hold and protect was killing me and the boys didnt seem to see that.

I missed how we used to hold hands and entwine our fingers together when you were scared at night. I missed how you used to cuddle into my chest and listen to the sound of my heartbeat, i missed you. I missed your personality, how your eyes sparkled and shined like the stars. I missed how you were so confident with yourself, i missed the way you used to make me feel.

I walked to the kitchen, scattered pictures of us all over the room. You weren’t here but your presence still lingered. I walked to the fridge and grabbed a beer and started to drink away the pain of the reality that you had gone. that you had slipped between my fingers, that i had lost the best thing in my life.

I sat at the table and did what i had done for the week you had been missing. I stared at my favourite picture of us, it was the summer we had met. You were lost and i was broken, but you had taught me that life was worth living, you taught me that everyone has a reason and you were my reason.

I cryed harder, the tears were staining my cheeks. I’m so lost without you, i didn`t deserve you. You were so beautiful and perfect and just so amazing. I miss you so damn much. My favorite memory of me was now stained with my tears, your smile stared back at me. This was all i had left of you. a picture. a memory.

I wiped my eyes and got up off the chair and made my decision. I got a piece of paper and wrote a letter to you, to my mom, to the boys. I wrote my goodbye note.

I cryed even harder as i grabbed the rope and the chair. i sang our song softly as i tied the noose and wrapped it around my neck, just like how your arms used to when we were kissing. I took in a deep breath and stepped over the edge of the chair, the sound of the chair hitting the ground was the last sound i heard.

I opened my eyes and saw you standing across the room welcoming me back into your arms. we were back together and no one could change that, we were both painful broken memories now.

xx Noelle xx


sorry i havent been on for a long time. send in requests for anything and i will try and do them all rn just for you guys!

xx Noelle xx


i want to be friends with so many people on here but idk how 

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